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Destination Insights provides DMO’s, CVB’s, and economic development organizations the essential insights to guide the many decisions they need to make.

DMO Management

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Destination Development


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Traveler Insights

Member Engagement

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DMO Management

Great DMO leaders hire the best and let them run. Destination Insights empowers your employees and partners to work more efficiently, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing your teams are focusing on what matters most.

Tourism Economy Performance
Get up-to-date insights on tourism visitation, spend, employment, accommodation, transportation & more.

DMO Performance
Quickly and easily understand how your DMO is delivering against strategic objectives and performance targets.  

Financial Management
Real-time visibility into the financial state of the destination and your DMO. Identify risks before they become problems. 

Destination Development
Understand your inventory of tourism experiences and identify opportunities for new market and export-ready products.

Destination Promotion
Understand how your marketing, travel trade, meetings & conventions sales efforts are driving visitation and revenues.

Visitor Satisfaction
Have at your fingertips up to date insights on traveller satisfaction and performance of your visitor service efforts. 

Tourism Economy

Having timely and accurate information about the health and performance of your tourism economy is critical for Destination Management & Marketing Organizations. Our Destination Insights platform makes it easy to assess the health of your tourism economy and uncover opportunities for faster recovery and growth.

Assess visitation volume and trends from key traveller segments, markets, and destination promotions efforts.

Better understand total traveler spend, yield, and opportunities to increase traveler spend.   

Tax Revenues
Get up to date insights on tourism generated tax revenues and potential impact on DMO program funding. 

Tourism Employment
Assess tourism employment performance by sector compared to previous years or regional & national averages.

Hotel Performance
Critical revenue, occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, & room availability insights to understand how your hotel partners are performing. 

Short Term Rental Performance
Better understand and assess the impact of the short term rental accommodations on your local tourism economy. 

Airline & Cruise Line Performance
Insights on airline and cruise line demand and connectivity. Identify partnership & growth opportunities.  

Recovery Tracking
Insights to understand the impact and recovery from events such as COVID-19, travel policy changes, changes in inbound flights and cruises.

Destination Development

Destination Insights provides the required insights to ensure destination development programs are implemented and managed effectively in your region.

Product Development
Understand your inventory of tourism experiences and identify opportunities for new market and export-ready products.

New Region Development
Better detect new tourist regions of interest based on changing demand and in-destination traveller movement.

Product Visitation
Identify the tourism products and experiences that drive the most visitation. Identify growth opportunities and saturation problems early on.   

Impact of Special Events
Identify the impact of special events and conferences on visitation, hotel occupancy, product interest, and traveler satisfaction.

Resident Sentiment
Understand your residents’ attitude and support towards tourism with in-depth insights benchmarked against your competitors and global norms.

Tourism Investment Attraction
Insights on your destinations performance in attracting new tourism business, and the potential economic impact of your efforts. 


Destination Insights provides destination marketing professionals with the necessary insights to assess performance and identify opportunities to maximize the impact of their marketing programs across campaigns, channels, markets, and audience segments.

Campaign Performance
Understand the impact of your multi-channel campaigns in creating demand for your destination. 

Marketing ROI
Assess marketing ROI in driving visitation to your destination or specific points of interest. 

Market Performance
Insights on traveler origin market performance as well as demand generated for in-destination regions and product segments. 

Channel Performance
Insights on the effectiveness of your earned, owned, and paid media channels in creating demand to visit your destination.

Traveler Segments
Assess the impact of your marketing efforts in driving visitation across different traveler segments and audiences.

Need Period Insights
Insight to help you assess the impact of your efforts in driving need period and need region visitation.  

Media and Social Media

Use Destination Insights to stay on top of your earned media, influencer, and key social media metrics across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Earned Media
Insights on the performance of your earned media programs by market, media partner, and media channel.  

Social Media Performance
Insights on social media performance across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Social Audience Demographics
Demographic insights on your social audiences within and between different social media platforms. 

Influencer Performance
Better understand the impact of your influencer marketing programs on driving traveler demand for your destination. 


Destination Insights provides travel trade, meetings & conventions, and events professionals the necessary insights they need to assess the performance of their sales efforts and identify new growth opportunities. 

Sales Performance
Have up-to-date insights on your destinations travel trade, meetings & conventions, events, and incentive travel sales efforts at your fingertips. 

Sales Funnel Insights
Insights on how are your sales teams are performing, what opportunities have closed, which opportunities are being neglected.

Lead Source Insights
Insights on the programs, tactics and team efforts that are driving the most volume and best qualified opportunities. 

Booking Pace
Insights on booking pace and occupancy forecasting to better forecast economic impact of your sales efforts. 

Booked Room Nights
Insights on booked room nights based on the sales team, origin market, traveler segment.

Event Impact
Better understand the impact of events and conferences on booked room nights, in-destination traveler visitation behavior, traveler satisfaction.

Traveler Insights

Destination Insights helps destination marketing and development professionals better understand their most valuable audience segments and the strategies and tactics that are having the highest impact in driving spend, visitation, and traveler satisfaction.

Traveler Segments
Insights on your most valuable audience segments, their planning and booking behavior, in-destination product visitation.

Market Performance
Insights on the performance of local, regional, domestic, and international markets on spend, visitation, traveler satisfaction.

Booking Behaviors
Improve your marketing, sales, and partnership programs with insights on evolving traveler planning and booking behaviors. 

Product Visitation
Identify the tourism products and experiences that drive the most visitation, by audience segment, origin market, marketing campaign.

Spend & Yield Insights
Better understand total traveler spend, yield, and opportunities to increase traveler spend. 

Destination Sentiment
Insights on traveler perception of your destination. Strengthen brand, marketing, and sales strategies based on your strengths. 

Member & Stakeholder Engagement

Destination Insights enables DMO member and stakeholder engagement professionals with up-to-date insights on the performance of the destination and the success of their member programs.

Tourism Economy
Provides communications professionals with at-their-fingertips access to up-to-date tourism economy performance.

DMO Performance
Provides executives and board members reporting and insights on the performance of the DMO relative to targets and historical performance. 

Member Engagement
Assess the adoption and engagement of members in your member programs, activities, and communications efforts.

Member Revenues
Up-to-date insights on member revenues by member, member category, source, sector, and region in your destination.

Visitor Satisfaction

The quality of the visitor experience has always been important. Now it is critical. As traveler demographics evolve, visitation capacity reaches its tipping point, and experience expectations go through the roof, you need accurate insights to understand where to raise your game.

Visitor Experience Quality
Insights on your visitor’s satisfaction across 60+ measurement categories covering all aspects of the visitor experience.

Performance Benchmarking
Globally benchmark your visitor experience against your competitive markets and traveler segments.

Visitor Services
Utilize insights on traveler satisfaction to develop proactive pre-arrival and in-destination visitor service strategies. 

Tourism Product Satisfaction
Insights on travel sentiment towards your tourism products aggregated from millions of online conversions about your destination. 

Resident Sentiment

Hospitality of residents is a primary driver of a positive visitor experience. Destination Insights helps you guide your resident engagement efforts with confidence.

Resident Attitude Towards Tourism
Insights on residents’ attitude and support towards tourism across 30 essential categories.

Performance Benchmarking
Understand how your resident support for tourism performs against your competitors and global norms.

Stakeholder Alignment
Insights to better align the resident engagement efforts of governments, small business, and local resident advocates. 

Destination Planning
Insights to proactively develop resident engagement strategies as part of your overall destination planning efforts.

Purpose built for tourism destinations

Destination Insights combines the best-in-class Business Intelligence Platform capabilities of Domo with purpose-built capabilities designed by Rove to meet the needs of today’s Tourism Destination Management and Marketing Organizations.

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