Destination Insights

Transfoming the way tourism destinations manage their business


A complete end-to-end business intelligence solution for tourism destinations

Six systems working together to connect your destination and drive smart decision-making


Integrate from all sources


Centrally manage your data


Cleanse, join, and combine


Empower all with insights


Enable seamless collaboration


See whats next with AI capabilities


Pull all your data together regardless of where it sits

Destination Insights aggregates all of your data into a single source of truth – from visitation, spend, hotel, airline, tourism employment, marketing, travel trade, meetings & conventions, visitor services and more.

  • With over 1,000 pre-built connectors, time-consuming and costly data aggregation efforts are  thing of the past.
  • Connect to a data source in minutes. Plug in your username and password, decide what data you want to connect to, and you’re up and running.
  • Get alerted on issues. Know immediately when there are errors with your data integrations with built-in alerts.



Centrally manage your destination's data with confidence

With Destination Insights, everyone in your organization, at any level, can access the same data sets and gain trusted insights to help them make faster decisions.

  • Enable your entire team to work from a common data set with Destination Insights built-in data warehouse.
  • Manage hundreds of data sources, billions of rows of data, with confidence.
  • Monitor your data in real time with intuitive visual representation of how data is flowing through the platform.
  • Control user data access to data with intuitive permission management capabilities. 
  • Encrypt, protect, and govern your most sensitive data sets like PII, PHI, or HIPAA.


Prepare data easily

Cleanse, join, and transform your data with visual integration flows or advanced tools.

  • With our drag-and-drop guided design experience, people of all skill levels can visually cleanse, combine, and transform data sets, all without knowing SQL.
  • Get alerts in real-time. Receive alerts when data transforms fail.
  • Create advanced transformations. For data that requires more complex refinement, use SQL commands right in the platform for subqueries, advanced joins, and sub-selects, and the ability to choose your own indexing and system tables.
  • Deep data science capabilities. Write custom R or Python scripts, or use our data science actions to prepare data for predictive modeling.


Empower everyone with insights

Destination Insights visualization tools enable a consolidated view so you can easily conduct analysis, create interactive visualizations, and understand, tell, and share real-time stories about your destination.

  • Leverage Rove’s pre-built dashboards and reports, tailored to each role and function of Destination Management and Marketing Organizations.
  • Create pie charts, graphs, interactive maps, and other visualizations of your data with just a few clicks.
  • Tell a story with your data. Customize your visual layouts to help guide data analysis, with sizing options, colors, explanatory text, and images— no coding required.
  • Refine the data by adding or removing data points, creating calculated fields, and filtering the data.


Share and discuss insights

Collaboration and productivity tools are built directly into the Destination Insights to enable immediate conversations about the insights you are seeing.

  • Chat to collaborate. Create team channels, start team conversations, and discuss the data and insights you’ve discovered.
  • Count on scheduled reports. Get visualizations delivered to stakeholders’ inboxes at specified times and link directly to Destination Insights to view the data.
  • Get the latest updates on your mobile, tablet, and desktop with real-time alerts about the topics and data driving your destination.
  • Easily embed reports and dashboards into Microsoft Office documents, websites, and member portals.


Guide decision making with predictive insights

Get insights faster and see what’s next for your destination using alerts, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and other AI technologies.

  • Get automatic insights into your data that you may not have noticed otherwise. Destination Insights is constantly monitoring and analyzing your data to provide a text summary of the report, as well as outlier detection, distribution, correlations, and more.
  • Ask questions about your data in natural language and get an instant response with text bots.

Purpose built for tourism destinations

Destination Insights combines the best-in-class Business Intelligence Platform capabilities of Domo with purpose-built capabilities designed by Rove to meet the needs of today’s Tourism Destination Management and Marketing Organizations.

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