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Tourism business challenges

We understand the complex tourism business challenges you face everyday

Today’s digital world requires tourism organizations to be data-driven and technology-enabled in order to remain competitive.

Building data and technology capabilities is what enables leading tourism organizations to:

  • Deliver more impactful marketing programs
  • Speed the development of new travel experiences and products
  • Satisfy the ever-evolving demands and preferences of travellers
  • Respond to rapidly changing marketing dynamics
  • Evolve their internal cultures


of tourism CMO'S feel their organization is prepared to navigate digital disruption


of tourism CMO's feel their current data & analytics efforts give them a competitive advantage


of tourism organizations are confident they are effectivly leveraging technology to drive growth


of tourism organizations feel they can effectively demonstrate attributable return on their marketing investment

Tourism Challenges

Destination Marketing Visitation & Revenue Growth

Growing tourism revenues amidst increased global competition

There are more market-ready destinations competing for travellers than ever before. Digitally-empowered purchase behavior is re-defining every aspect of the purchase funnel. And yet, while the rules may have changed, your goal likely has not. You need to efficiently identify, engage and convert the world’s high-yield travellers.

Hospitality Tourism Marketing

Mitigating reduced profit margins and the impact of the sharing economy

Perhaps no sector has experienced more change and disruption than the hospitality sector. From the rapid growth of online travel agencies and meta search providers, to the unprecedented impact of the sharing economy, hoteliers are under more pressure than ever to maintain and grow market share, revenues, and profitability.

Millennial Travellers

Millennial travellers are changing the tourism landscape

The Millennial generation is one of the largest generations in history and have a strong desire to enrich their lives through travel. There has never been a generation that is more connected, digitally savvy and demanding. As the prominence of Millennial travel grows, the tourism industry is potentially up for the biggest disruption in decades.

Tourism Visitation & Revenue Data

Access to timely and accurate tourism visitation & revenue data

For destination marketing and government organizations, access to timely, accurate, relevant, and benchmarkable visitation and revenue data is critical to success.  Reliance on slow-to-market federal and provincial/state data collection and statistical analysis programs has left many destination marketing organizations looking for viable alternatives.  

Tourism Marketing Technology Platforms

Navigating rapidly evolving consumer and marketing technology landscapes

Marketing is just as much technology-enabled as it is data-driven. The selection and integration of platforms and the complexity of the marketing technology stack are often paralyzing for tourism marketers.  Developing a marketing technology strategy that enables your tourism marketing efforts and is agile enough to respond to organizational change and evolving market dynamics is critical to success.  

Outbound Chinese Tourism Marketing

Capitalizing on the explosive growth of outbound Chinese tourism

Outbound Chinese tourism has enjoyed explosive growth over the past decade and there is no sign of it slowing down. With only only 5% of the Middle Kingdom’s citizens holding passports, it’s not surprising tourism destinations and experience providers abroad have prioritized the development of marketing programs and tourism products to attract Chinese travellers.

Tourism Visitor Satisfaction Data

Understanding and improving visitor satisfaction and the guest experience

The quality of the travel product has always been important. Now it is critical. As traveller demographics evolve, visitation capacity reaches its tipping point, and experience expectations go through the roof, you need accurate insights to understand where you need to raise your game.

Tourism Marketing Return on Investment

Demonstrating and predicting return on your tourism marketing investment

Your marketing budget is precious and your stakeholders demand that you demonstrate attributable return on marketing investment while accounting for competitive, seasonal and other exogenous factors that can impact performance. You  also need to understand the impact of your marketing investments on the bottom-line, and optimize budget allocation across channels and markets accordingly.

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